Abstract Animation WIP

I’ve never attempted anything abstract in blender, so I thought I’d give it a try. Here are a few frames of the animation (already rendered), but I’m still working out who can host the .avi without too much loss of quality. What do you think about these frames (even though i’ts abstract:D)?

You have a few cool shapes going on there, nice. :stuck_out_tongue:

Though I think you over-used a filter, there. XD

But I like the overused filter look!:smiley:
Now where can I upload the animation… is there any reason why I shouldn’t use filefront? And the rendered avi is like 200mb:confused:…

that is a pretty interesting effect . As far as your 200 mb AVI file, nobody wants to wait so long to dwnload it. Ifyou have, say, windows movie maker, load it in there and export it for the web. That should compress it for you…

It’s just that I always find that windows movie maker always causes loss of quality… but I guess you can’t avoid that. I’ll compress that tomorrow…

Try compressing it to mp4. I think it’s the best quality-size compromise now. Only thing is, that windows doesn’t like mp4. But there’s always mplayer and vlc for everything.

Ok, thanx, I’ll do that. And besides, I’m sure all the open-source junkies here have vlc.:smiley:
EDIT: Having trouble with this though, and very busy. Will come back to this in a few days’ time.