Abstract art - "CORD"

(nikolatesla) #1

After working on a photoreal gear, I wanted to experiment some
more with fake chrome reflections. Also, I like abstract 3D art
(like what you would put on your desktop) - I wanted to make a
segmented metallic chrome …

"C o r d "


How made:

Modelled with a curve, converted to a mesh, and spun to form. One end wider than the other of course, to make “joints”. Parented to a curve path, and dupliframed, no speed. ( After material / texture were applied )

Traditional light setup, one spotlight in front, one in back, two normal
lights above. Plain white material plane underneath.

OH - and almost forgot - slightly postprocessed with Photoshop, for the
text and ghost images.


(macouno) #2

The ‘double shadow’ is slightly odd… but that aside… it ROCKS