Abstract Artwork

Thanks to Blender Bullet and now Blender 2.4 Test Build 2 for the new strand features, its what made these images possible!

I guess this isn’t really to abstract, just a pretty picture!

Basically its a circle with static particles, Norm and Rand on and a blend texture mapped to strand. I duplicate it once and rotated it towards the camera to add depth and the rest was done in post production.


Heres a breif tutorial of the post production part of it.
I used Paint Shop Pro, ( I am migrating to PS slowly) But I loaded up the picture and used an effect called Mosaic Class which pretty much just makes it look like it has a wall of ice blocks in front of it
For Those interested the settings

Then a displacement map

The Settings

I made this a few nights ago but I might have another go at making more abstract work tonight.