Abstract building(Un-Textured Project)

Well I had an idea and just went with it. You be the judge from here on, I’m gonna add some more stuff to it, but as for now, I have blenderblock.


The modelling looks good. It could use some more recognizable objects and window to help us get a sense of scale and that this is, in fact, a building.

Thanks man, you just gave me an idea… I really thank you!

Are those tubes to become transparant?
Maybe you could add Star Wars esque landing platforms or if you want cars some system as used in Minority Report.
Also elevators as used in The Fifth Element could be nice.

Perhaps an architectural reference could make this more pleasant to look at.
Say influence from Gothic architecture, or even more fun Art Deco.
The Chrysler was built in Art Deco, and there were many designs at that time of buildings that were never finished that you can look at.