Abstract Color Animation Technique

Hi Blenderheads,
I created an interesting animation which you can view here:

Please view in 720p HD.

It’s a pretty bizarre technique, but quite simple. Before I tell how I did it, I’d like to hear some feedback. What do you think some applications of this type of visual would be? Any ideas on how this was created. It’s 100% Blender 2.57 with no compositing or nodes.

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We used to call this a Kaleidoscope effect. Made by using actual mirrors and glass beads held in front of a light source, or digitally by project an inverted imaged along it’s own edge. You can do something similar by UV mapping an image over a quad split plane, just rotate the UV squares in the right direction.

But yours sweet with the fish eye effect too.

Other than looking real trippy I don’t know what you could apply it to, but it looks real nice.

I think you animated a sculpted plane with x y and z maybe with shape keys and put a mirror on it.

I’d say that’s close!

This was created by modeling a box whose sides were mirror-surface materials. I then pointed a camera (that is inside the box, with a light) directly at one face which has a ‘white’ diffuse reflection. The four neighboring faces have colored reflections. The ‘back’ face is a ‘perfect’ mirror. I modeled the front face as if it were a flexible membrane and then animated its deformations (using shape keys). What you see are the resulting colored reflections from inside the box.

Thanks for watching!