abstract composition: red

After several times of reworking the scene I am relatively happy with how this composition finally turned out and call this finished.

Blender 245RC2 only.

Comments welcome.

Thank you.



The red comet/ball-trailing-strings seems seriously out of place in an otherwise excellent composition. I wonder if this wouldn’t be a stronger work without it.

Thank your for your feedback Orinoco.

Actually I have never really thought about just leaving that element out to see how this changes the image. I’ll make a new render without the ball to see how it looks.

Here is an update without the ball.

Orinoco: you were right! The ball is out of place. Thanks again for that hint. To me the image looks much more “balanced” now.


Well, now it’s simply an excellent composition. Five stars. I like it.

Thank you very much for the encouraging feedback Orinoco!

That is really cool! I really like it! Are you going to make more? Maybe in green or blue?
Great Work! 5*

Thank you very much for the motivating feedback Red Yoshi!

To answer your question: I had been vaguely thinking to create another image with different shapes and different colors. However I have not started to think about a specific idea yet as I first wanted to finalise this one (in the past I switched too often between different ideas and therefore never managed to finalise any of them…)

So in case I manage to make another one I’ll post it here so that you can have a look.


Very mesmerizing to look at. It’s weird I stared at it for a whole minute (the average viewer spends 7 seconds on average looking at a piece of art). There’s something about it. It’s weird yet beautiful.
A little bland on the colours perhaps. Maybe some post pro would help. But still very nice!

Yeah, I like it a lot, too, though I probably miss some details in the brown area of the image…I’m not sure, maybe it is too reflective but something there bugs me. Nevertheless, interesting and fine piece with a quite nice composition. I’d like to see more like that!

redbyte, Myke: thank you very much for your feedback!

@redbyte: Originally I wanted to render the different elements on different render layers to be able to do some post pro on them if needed. As I need the world for the reflection and thereby need to render the sky I didn’t manage to get a reasonably sharp mask for compositing. I’ll give it another try and in case it works I’ll try some post pro on the colors.

@Myke: you are right: the surface is completely flat and has a reflectivity of about 30 to 40%. I’ll have a think about textures or additional structures which could add detail to the surface.

nice! much better without that strange red ball. I don’t really have a crit, just keep it coming…