Abstract Computery Thingy


This is a sort of abstracty computery-thingy that is inspired by the Gibson as represented in Hackers (although it is of course my own take on it). A lot of people have pointed out a similarity to the matrix and whatnot, and this is somewhat unintentional. It makes a pretty good background at full size, and there are lots of details you miss in this small version.

->http://nick.industrialmeats.com/gibson-sm.jpg<- click for full size

Constructive comments welcome. I’m not sure about changing the colours, but I was thinking about providing more front light to show that the walls of numbers are actually solid and glassy (which you can see a bit of in the second row on the left, especially in the big version), and maybe making them silghtly reflective. One thing I’m thinking would really make it more powerful would be a big fractally sky, and maybe I’ll tyr that.

very nice look, maybe less reflection on the floor would finish it.

It really is similar to the matrix, that is except that the numbers are white and there’s a floor.

Werent the things flying down the screen in the second 2 matrix movies japanese letters??

Really kewl scene Chaosnil. More reflection on the tall computer things would make it look more like glass.

They were numbers, letters and backwards japanese characters, yes.

Really kewl scene Chaosnil. More reflection on the tall computer things would make it look more like glass.

Thank you. I think so too, it’ll just take a long time to render so I’ve been putting it off :wink:

Thank you. I was thinking of adding a bump map to the floor to break up the reflections a bit, I don’t know about reducing the reflection, but I’ll try it out.

yes hackers is a really cool films, altho on that there were red and blue, u gonna do the gabage file :D. looks really cool, i like hackers 2, it was based on a true story :P.

To tell you the truth I like the materials/texturing as is.
And I like the picture overall.

If I were to comment on something it would be that the whole thing ends in a black void too early. It’s like dark city where you’ve broken through the wall to discover there’s nothing but “space” beyond.

It would probably look better if the buildings of the numbers continued. That’s just an opinion of course though.

The one thing about the buildings themselves which distracts me a little is right at the foot of each building it looks like there’s stretched texture. Am I seeing this right?