Abstract Crystals

Hey guys, I think I’m done, but I really need some feedback on this one. I don’t know what to say, so just tell me what you think. Some criticism is welcome.

Updated: lighting; camera position; liquid; knife specular; floor specular.

Hmm, colors dont feel right… Or maybe it is something else… i dunt know, something is not right

I like it but like DDD said, something seems to be wrong. I think the crystals are really cool but the DOF or blur or whatever is affecting them is too high. They all kind of blend together in the middle and make it difficult to get a sense of depth from them. And the spotlight is really bright at the bottom of the picture. You may want to move it or tone that down a bit. Maybe make the liquid in the glass a little more opaque and not so transparent. And it took me awhile to see that the red stuff below the glass was blood. It just looks a little too thick. In my opinion, I think you should make the blood a little more prominant in the picture. Maybe make the blood spread out a little and show it flowing away from the puddle. Turn specular on the knife handle way down too as it is almost white.

I realize I have pointed out a lot of things and dont want to sound to harsh. It is a very good render, just a little touching up is all that is needed to finish it off. Good job and Good luck!

I think the problems are in the lighting mostly (except the blood), because the entire projects is really small… so I’ll see what I can do with it when it is scaled up. But you’re right, the blur is a little confusing… And the blood the same fluid system as the liquid in the glass - and its simply reflecting and is not transparent, which is why it looks thick… and its not sitting on the ground properly… dont know why… will update shortly

I agree, the spot in the center is too bright. And the cup and knife are way too bright too. The crystals look really cool though!

Ok, the pic has been updated (check the top). I scaled everything up so the lighting would be better, I didn’t change the DoF, but because the things are bigger, you cant even see it. I also changed the spec on a few things like the knife and floor. Then I also made the fluid more transparent… which seems to have made it look more like wine than blood…

Here is my node setup:

And here is the original before the compositing:

I think a few things need tweaking, but I’m not sure what.