Abstract Cubic Tunel

Hello everyone … I am currently trying to do something abstract. I’ve done this for the moment, but I find it a little too “overloaded”. In addition I am not sure if it is better to use the Eevee or the Cycles, I have put two examples below.
I am taking your advice. thank you so much.

To see the images: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5kaiyuksmo1kr5f/AACeK2RxshbFDhKqHIy_3MfJa?dl=0

I like the idea, I think sometimes less is more. Right now everything is very bright,
not much negative space. Maybe the sensation of depth will be a bit more prominent
if the structure is a bit more faded as it goes away from the camera?
I liked the cycles render better, maybe for that reason.
But this is just my thoughts and I am not very familiar with abstract art.

Thank you for your answer, you are right, the cycles are lighter, there is more empty space and it lets a little more breathe.
PS: sorry for my english, i’m french. :wink: