Abstract: Generator!

Well, I’m pretty much done with this image until I get to animate it in the future…gotta learn how first haha! :slight_smile: It’s an abstract power generator with a tiny city. :smiley:



Brought the contrast and brightness levels up in photoshop a bit…

That looks good. What are you intending to animate?

I’m going to animate the center spinning “flower” looking objects so as it spins the tubes on the side begin to glow hot and the city of cubes will also begin to glow as if the generator was producing the power to light it. I can’t really do this using the GI setup I have now so I’m playing around with lighting and using the Blender renderer instead of yafray…gonna use Render Planet to render this and I don’t believe they support yafray yet just the 2.34 renderer.

Last I heard renderplanet only uses the built in renderer. The generator itself looks pretty good at the moment.

Renderplanet? What’s renderplanet?

Cool generator! :smiley:

A renderfarm service that’s free if the render is to take less then 2 hours.

Thanks guys! Here’s the link to render planet…havn’t tested it yet but I’m going to give it a go later today hopefully. You have access to a 46 cpu rener farm so I’d imaging you can get some quick results! :smiley:

Edit: Whoops, might help if i included the link! www.renderplanet.com it’s free to sign up and you get a program to interface with them…the render is automatically placed on your hard drive when it’s complete.

DUDE. that looks great! can’t wait to see the animation!

See if you can use the BONIC render project.


Check it out. . . looks very promising to me!