abstract glass thingie

(paradox) #1

Abstract glass thingie just for fun.

if that doesn’t work then here is link to my gallery

started as experiment in spin, then because of the way it came out I decided to go for a transparent glass type look. I wasn’t going for a totally realistic glass just an interesting look. This should be the last of my abstracts for awhile as I am almost finished with something organic.


(VelikM) #2

Pretty neat! :smiley: I like the simple abstracts.

(Friday13) #3

Looks nice, try pressing the subsurf button :stuck_out_tongue:

(valarking) #4

nice, but the edges look like they could cut diamonds :wink:
try making it a “solid” object instead of a flat , sharp object.

my $0.02

(paradox) #5

Thanks for the comments. Glad you liked it VelikM. Thanks Friday 13, yes I’m aware of subsurfs - my favorite modeling tool. But since this was an abstract where I was going for interaction of lights and edges I left it a little segmented. Same goes to Valarking, I appreciate the nice but left the sharpedges on purpose. wasn’t going for realism. Actually they are sharp on the edges but thicker near the base. But abstracts are best when they create comments and suggestions like yours so your feedback is appreciated.
Thanks again.

(malefico) #6

It looks good, but I’d put some more “defiant” lights to experiment.



(paradox) #7

Thanks Malefico, I think you are right about adding more lights. Maybe in a future version. In this one I was trying to keep the subtle patterns and colors in the object. Funny thing is started with radiosity then starting adding lights to create intereactions. Was kind of an experiment but ended up liking the colors and patterns. I appreciate the feedback everyone.

(S68) #8

Nice abstract…

…well abstract and Finished projects…

what can one say except that he likes it :stuck_out_tongue:


(paradox) #9

Thanks S68 for the comments. I agree on the abstracts either you like it or you don’t . But for abstracts and finished projects both I don’t mind criticisms I can use the advice for future projects and if the comments on a finished project is something I missed or overlooked then I may correct and add an update. Sometimes a project is never finished later you come back and see something you missed because you had been staring at it so long that you weren’t seeing everything.
Anyway I appreciate all the comments. This particular abstract looked a little like a 3D glass thingie but the reason I posted it and called it abstract is because I like the subtle patterns and colors in the scene. It was kind of a fantasy glass too. Sharp edges like something pinhead would own. :slight_smile: weird light reflections and no obvious light sources.