abstract glowing blobs

Well, my first forray into abstract glowing things. I had fun making this one. I started out in Lightwave playing with indience angle gradients, transparent materials, caustics…well it got so that the test renders were taking 40 minuts each on my 1GHz mashine, so while one of them was rendering I opened up Blender and started to play. I got something fun to look at, opened up Photoshop, messed with the colors, applied radial blur…and finally came up with this. All while Lightwave was still rendering. (Granted I did slow it down a lot with Blender rendering on top of it :slight_smile: )


The original one out of the render here. Whole thing took about 30 min tops.

When I am satisfyed with the Lightwave result I’ll post it here for compairson.

mind making a 1024 for a bg…that looks great :o

That looks pretty cool!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

Glad you like it! I can’t make a high-res of this particular one…I closed Blender without saving. I’ll probably end up making another soon enough :slight_smile:

Thats…well…abstract! :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah abstract I like abstract things, well done.

Hint: this could be a better avatar than your current :wink:

Very nice glowing blob things. :smiley:

olaf: everybody’s ragging on the sun. I’m putting all of the spair time I have into creating a new (and hopefully improved) one, this happened to be a failed result becaue it dosn’t look much like a sun. I thought that it still was an interesting picture so I put it up. :slight_smile:

edit very well, I didn’t think it would look very good all tiny but it works, so I have a new avitar untile I can make a better sun

easy, just take the one i made :wink:

nice image, looks funky :smiley:

I don’t think I’ve seen better glowing blobs.

Well Stefan, you could resize the old sun and add solar flares, lens flares and any other flares you could think of :wink:

Then, I think, it would look good.

lightning: I have something more interesting than that in mind. 8)