Abstract horse

This is an abstract representation of a horse. The idea was to keep the objects simple. No textures, just color blocks. I am posting 2 renders. The smaller render is at a 90 degree right turn, to see it at a good resolution on most monitors. The actual image is 1920x1080 and it is the intended angle. The horse would normally reveals itself when you rotate the image, but since this is a showcase, I reveal this.


Interesting. I can see the horse, took me a while but it’s there. Neat idea.

Thank you, here is another one. That would be it for my experimenting with abstract work. On to realistic modeling after this.

This one is called - “Chutzpah”


I think the horse is pretty neat, and the decision to put the horse at an oblique angle, but describe it, is actually pretty cool IMO. I like the thought put into it.

Something makes me want the first render to have the horse not cropped at the edge. This way my eye could feel more ‘free’ to mentally rotate the horse into ‘view’… hard to explain. But I like it overall.

actually I like those - I would print those frame it and decorate my office room with it! good pleasurable abstract work!

Nice, I love abstract stuff.

Semi related. I found a procedural abstract horse in my Minecraft server a while back.
It was so odd I uploaded it to PlanetMinecraft.


I’m verry happy you all like it. I was not sure if anyone would be interested in abstract representations. Feel free to print it. Commercial use for the 2 images for free is ok with me also as long as you contact me first, since the one requirement for me would be to mention my name. I can provide a custom print resolution for personal or commercial use. However, if you click on the second “Horse” image, it get’s larger and if you click again, it loads a 1920x1080 standard desktop size.

Those interested, please feel free to contact me.

Also, the cropping of the horse is intentional, for balance. I have not observed full view on it, for the effect I was trying to achieve, but I intend to go over it again. (Hint) - Is the horse facing away or toward you. :slight_smile:
However, I definitely considered, that the cutoff can give an incomplete feel at an initial glance.

Haha, I love Minecraft. I can see the horse on it’s hind legs in that. Just enough, not to be sure if it’s intentional - which is perfect in my opinion.

I have not played for a while, but I saw some incredible things in that game.