Abstract II

Another abstract for your viewing pleasure. Cooler and harder.

Comments? Critiques?

Really cool how did you achieve the “neon like” glowing of the materials

Oh, no! bib! I seem to have lost the blend file :o.

IIRC, the material is set to alpha 0.050 or some similarly small number, so the mesh is almost transparent. It’s colored white, with the refl value set to 1.000. There are two spotlights (blue and green) shining on the mesh from roughly the same direction as the camera (on the same side or the mesh, anyway) and the material is set to mirror a small amount as well. I set the IOR to 1.5. Ray transparency and ray mirror is on, and the depth is set to four or five.

The rest is just having patience, since the render takes a long time.

Uuh cool thank’s for that

Can’t wait to see the finsihed project

Love color scheme and love material, really. One thing that somehow spoils entire thing (for me- just very personal opinion) is kind of lack of fluidity or smoothness. Not sure if these are good words but your composition makes me think of water and sudden, sharp angles somehow “do not fit”- but I guess it’s just a personal “taste” thing.

That’s a beautiful image. It reminds me of a piece of colored glass with sharp edges or a crystal. The material is cool. I hope you get your blend file back!

Thanks, people, for the comments. An earlier version didn’t have the sharp edges, but I thought it looked too smooth, so I put those sharp edges in there.

I didn’t really “lose” the blend file, it’s just that this sort of image is highly dependant on the exact camera angle, and the materials settings, and the position of the lights, so when I continued to work on the image without saving the settings for this render, I “lost” the part of the file that makes this render unique. And I didn’t save the blend when I did the render. A cautionary tale.

Well, sense you asked. There doesnt seem to be much flow for the eye to follow. IMHO. When you choose your camera view next time, might want to pick a different view.

One that keeps the eye from falling out of the image. Hope that helps a little.

The colors remind me of 60’s blue green scenario.