Abstract:Just Imagine *another update pg2*

this is a bit of abstract i done today i do alot but this is my fav.


i aint gonna change it its how i want it . but c and c would be apriciated

That looks great

thank you j.

Yeah, looks good. My only crit is that “anything” is one word.

yea i know i noticed that after doing it.

very nice although i don’t like the ao shadow so big but hey you like it like that so who cares! right?! :smiley:

lol yea its perfect as it is i didnt make it to go on elysiun but i liked it and thought it was my best bit of abstract so i posted it on here.

Hey! That looks good, i really like the ball’s material&texture.

thanks pep :smiley: glad i got fans.


Yeah, it is better. Did you use metaballs?

yep got a better result with metaballs then trying to model it all.

Very nice very nice to know there is another reaper

yea im the leadder of grimreapers :D. obey me!!! thanks for the coments dudes.

another imagine.


like before i like it this way.

ps. they work good as backgrounds :P.

Ooooooooooh, nice and shiny, very abstract as well.

thanks dude :P.

another one:


c and c.

Great work. very well done

thx dude.