Abstract Landscape

This is inspired by a painting I saw in the Netherlands.


I know the toon edges are screwed up, I might fix them in post if people want.

EDIT:I fixed up the edges.



That’s so abstract I couldn’t call it a landscape, more like a ton of misplaced and deformed squares.

damn, man - look at your work. i mean - it’s so easy to make. whenever you do anything in blender, try to make sth harder, so you get more experience, you get skills in modelling, and yellow planes floating around - is it hard?

I haven’t never been a keen fan of abstarct art. Don’t tend to start now either, but I do have to admit, that I like the over all colorization of your work.

I like the foreground, were the planes are only shaded in one color, in the background it get’s too… gradientish.

Pavcioo, the times when art meant doing something hard are long-gone.

Pavicoo [>] What you may not realise is that this and Abstract Fork where both done on vacation, when keeping a longer term project going is quite hard. These where quick blends, and they might not hold a deep meaning. I am in fact working on another project, which may show up in the wip’s tommorow.



cool, i’m waiting. I didn’t mean to be mean, I just don’t like the picture.

Then you might say that everything we do in our life is art, cause it’s not hard.
I mean that it’s just a simple blend, giving nothing to the author. Did he improve his blending skills by working on that? No - that’s what I mean.
Everyone may do such project as some kind of a rest from real work.
That’s why I’m looking forward to see your new project digital.

Actually, I did improve my skills from this. I learned more about the toon shaders, and that toon edges don’t always work like you want to.



P.S. The project won’t be posted today, maybe tommorow.

I like it!

Abstract and total perfection doesn’t really belong in the same boat. As long as it looks nice it’s good.

Interesting piece. I’ll bet you could make prints and make a killing. Rich people love to buy things with color that they dont understand. If you said it represented the mechanization of the American (or any other country’s) landscape they’d buy em by the hundreds.

I personally don’t care for it (not a fan of abstract),but its also my opinion that meaning, purpose and composition are more important in an art piece than difficulty. With a few shader adjustments I could easily imagine this on someone’s wall above a couch.

I think I’ll work on the shading in the back a bit more, and fix the toon edges.

As for the title, I was staying with a friend’s father, and he had a painting on the wall called ‘Landscape 2’, if my memory serves me correctly. I said, “Hey! I could do something like that in blender!” So I went off and blended. And here is the result.



I fixed some shading issues at the back, and fixed the toon edges in gimp.




ok, ok no offence - you still call it a landscape?
it’s funny, cos i see no land in the picture :slight_smile:

Ah - I like the second one much better. The lack of toon edges that you mentioned really detracted from it.

Now I find it quite pleasing.

I’m interested in what concept of landscape you’re trying to convey though. This looks more like lanscape that is coming apart under the power of a tornado or immensely strong tractor beam or something.

Either that - or it’s the result of landscape when a bomb goes off. :slight_smile:

But the colours and simplicity of it I like.


The second one is definitely better. The first one was a little too noisy.

This is just a suggestion. You might want to try playing around with the transparency of these planes within Blender and re-render this, maybe the planes get more transparent the further they are from the camera. I think that might add an interesting dimension to it.

Always good to see people trying to tackle the abstract. Variety is never a bad thing.


very abstract, very cool.

sweet work