Abstract Landscape

Creating abstract landscape base on Lee Griggs style.

blender 2.73




I totally love this idea. Composition is great too.

^Thanks! I got one more update.

Nice. interesting. are you doing it with simple particle system?

how do you work with this? every time i do stuff like this i always give up… (i am very impatient) waiting for blender to respond every 20 seconds isnt fun and 10 min bvh building also isnt fun lol

This is really cool! I like it. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments guys!

@LordOdin: The way I work with this, is to just turn off the viewport render of the hair and if I want to preview the scene I will turn the sample way down to like 5 or 10. Maybe have like 2-3 thousand hair at first to see where you will position your camera but afterward just turn the viewport hair off.

@ShacharHarshuv: Yes, I make this using the particle system, there is an article in BlenderNation that give a quick rundown of how to do this effect.

Strange and mysterious planet. Certainly the sun that this planet orbits are very different from our sun. The strength of the ultraviolet rays directed the evolution, and the “forest” (are they vegetables? Who knows…) acquire a violet color to protect itself.

Well samples arent the problem it the pre render crap it has to do (I use dupliverts soo no limiting it in the viewport at all :’()

well, one more update. I try to use the “Helix nebula” as vertex group

I will upload more abstract landscape using different nebula later tho. sounds fun…