Abstract landscapes

Hi all,

I’ve spend the day making some abstract landscape, following the style of Lee Griggs’ awesome work. Rendered in Cycles.


I’ve writtena post on my blog about the creation process and a small to create your own landscapes !

Hope you’ll like it ! :slight_smile:

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Cela fait plaisir de vous revoir à l’oeuvre! :slight_smile:
ps: vos cours d’architecture sur Elephorm sont très instructifs et m’ont donné l’envie de faire de la modélisation 3D ma vocation.

Amazing! Love the style. :slight_smile:

Thanks Guys ! :slight_smile:

Mozarte : Très content que la formation t’ait plu ! Ton message me fait très plaisir, je veux bientôt faire de nouvelles formations avec Elephorm !

ShadowCamero : Thanks a lot ! :slight_smile:

Ayant beaucoup appris de votre première formation je suis impatient de voir les thématiques de vos prochaines formations.

good stuff, and very thoughtful and well composed.

you could get a very similar effect using a displaced plane and dupli-verts technique. no need to mess with vertex weights that way. I can go into more detail if you want… in work now so no time.

Hi Marf,

Actually, you can achieve the same displacement effect, but you won’t have the same control of colours, as you are using a duplicated object, you have only the shader of this object to create the color effect. And as you may know, mapping a texture based on other object coordinate in a shade ris not possible now in Cycles. You can find some workaround, but in this case, your shader will become very complex…

So it’s a question of choice, but I prefer using my method… Also, instead of using the vertexWeight Modifier, I could have use texture input to define the heignt of each strand, but I would then have to convert my original texture image in grey levels and do the adjustments in an external software. The advantage of this technique is that I can control the height of each strand simply by playing with the modifier sliders, which is nice !

oh, yes. you are right. I was in work when I wrote that and didn’t have time to check. You can get ‘from dulpi’ UV for duplifaced objects in Cycles, but not Dupliverts. Duplifaced objects get warped when you apply a displacement to the parent. Interesting but not the look your going for. I remember now I also switched to particles. I did a portrait based on a 123d catch model using a similar technque…

Great work. Sorry I did say that in my earlier post!

here is a pic of my experiment. link
not really a finished piece, just a test.

Hi Riton! Nice to see you here! I did not congratulate you for those pictures on the lounge, so I congratulate you here! Keep going!

I don’t know why but this is calming

I just recently discovered this. It’s fun playing with settings and trying to make something interesting out of it. Haven’t tried it with dupliverts as I’m still goofing around with particles, but it’s worth a shot.

Hi Guys !

Thanks for your kind comments !

@marf ! Thanks ! Indeed the approch with duplivert is nice, but particles give you more control ! Nice test by rthe way ! :slight_smile:

@Pixl : Thanks Dude ! Love your work too !

Thank you all !

Thanks for sharing, but the link to your tutorial is down.