[abstract] lungs & heart

lungs & heart.

created with: gimp & blender.


comments welcome.


This is difficult, what’s Blendered and what’s Gimped?
That red (blood?) looks like liquid,
done with the new fluids?

Cool use of Blender and GIMP :slight_smile:

The title, textures, and clashing colors give this abstract piece some interesting interpretive possibilites.


I don’t get it. :-?

I must have no soul. I no get it either.

i never used to understand abstract stuff, then i found i had to become less ‘smart’ :wink:

let your right brain go and have a field day, let your left brain take back seat for a bit,k dont work out what the hell it is, go by the title and make your own creation with it using your right brain (yer imagination!)

So, bout the pic! =D
This is just awesome, looks almost like the red at the bottom half is softbody textured cloth in blender, just a guess though. Lot of ways im seeing this, its like a fish tank (in the respect im just watching the same thing) yet its always different and changing.

Hope to see more things from you.


ps. check out his gallery too! =)

vliegtuig: There were two renders done in blender, composited in gimp, and then a bunch of post work done on each render.

Robertt: Thanks. Interpretation–dare I say even losing yourself in pure abstract association and experience–is, for me, part of the beauty of abstract art.

Rocketman: Thanks for the comment, and I understand your frustration–I think LohnC puts it best in his post.

StrikerMunc: Ditto to what I said to Rocketman.

LohnC: Thanks for the kind comments. I think you’ve nailed the whole “what to do with abstract art” thing very eloquently. I whole-heartedly agree with you.

in other news: I’m working on getting my gallery going again (I stopped updateding it when I switched from ubuntu ppc back to os x)–hopefully within the next two weeks it’ll resume regular functionality :).



I’m a huge fan of abstract, surreal, etc. Having said that the Only thing about this peice I don’t like is the name. The image is quite intersting to look at, is there a larger highres version?? :slight_smile:

Khnum: No hi-res version. I keep meaning to change my workflow to end up with print-resolution final images, but I haven’t gotten around to organizing everything yet.