Abstract: Power Generator

Heya, after trying to learn XSI It feels damn good to be back using Blender so here’s my latest! It was all modeled in Silo and rendered using yafray with skydome GI


I want to animate it but I’ll need to get a good lighting setup and use the internal render engine since it’d take a really long time to render an animation using GI like this. Gimme some feed back. :slight_smile:


I have an idea for an animation too! The center is going to spin to create energy and the background ‘buildings’ are going to start glowing. Anybody got a tutorial on a good glow effect for Blender?

Very nice generator, for the glow effect you could surround the buildings with object of halos.

Cool thanks I’ll try that. I might try playing around with animating the lights in the scene when I redo them…er, if that’s possible. :slight_smile: