abstract reflections


more renders on the way…

hmm, cant really see anything.

Umm, I don’t mean to sound rude but what is that supposed to be? It’s very bright, hurts the eyes, and appears to be yellow blobs with a organge patch in the top left corner…Maybe darken it up some and try a different use of colors if there’s more detail we might be missing?


Sorry, but it’s a little too much in the way of a mess to be abstract, needs more color variation

It kinda looks like an explosion.

How about another render?

It looks like pee on the screen… And don’t tell me my critics is unconstructive…

absolutely right! abstract doesn’t mean just a canvas with paint thrown on it! anyone can do that - my dog can! abstract is taking an object and viewing it from a angle not seen before … try doing this: make a cube color it all different colors then subdivide it a bunch and warp it wierd then zoom way out in the 3d window and try and manipulate the view until you get a shot of something familiar!

this is abstract:

looking at the sky and seeing in the shape of the clouds - a dragon, a ship, a house, a horse! imaginary things that your mind makes from real objects! it says it right in the name IMAGEnary!

hope that helps you with abstract - as far as the picture goes… %|


and some fun with photoshop…


it burns!!!.

Hmm… I liked your metal box more though… :wink:

whatever happened to you leaving?

sam… I thought I’d finally break the ice… :wink:

We don’t need no water let the…

I could help myself, sorry. Seems like abstarct is becoming more & more popular lately. Nice work.