abstract render

eheh i like a lot getting strange result with blender without using gimp or photoshop :slight_smile:
here’s my new creation

i know is strange :smiley:
i named it ‘flying coffee’ :smiley:

:o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

One of the wierdest renders to date i’ve seen, superb job on the image :o

very cool, it would make a cool desktop wallpaper :smiley:

:o :o

Looks really cool!

Wow that’s one of the weirdest, and coolest renders I’ve seen for a while :smiley: Not much more to say, I mean, it’s abstract :wink:

hehehe it looks like blender is tripping hard on acid, or something. surrealy animated, this could have some serious psychadellic(sp?) effects :wink:

…how do you get such strange effects? I am guessing this result wasn’t planned, but… the only thing I can’t figure out is that glowing, burning sky of lava…

That must of been some good coffee. :o

I haven’t had good psychedellic “coffee” in a long time. :wink: Great image! I like it a lot. If you render it out to 1024x768 I’d make it my wall paper, but stretching it would only hurt it. :wink:

wow thx for the feedback :slight_smile:
the sky is a ‘wrong mapped’ hdri :smiley:
i saved with some changes, so the blend of this image is lost :frowning: