Abstract Scene


Yesterday I start this new little project, my goal was to do some kind of outdoor nature scene with a table and a chair.

BUT I kind of ended up with this:

(The two boxes are just placeholders!)

My next steps will be
-Obviously texture everything
-Add icy all over the scene

But my main problem is, I’m not too sure what to do with this scene!
-Should it be an abandoned room in the forest?
-A floating room in the sky?
–Something abstract for sure! Please share what you could imagine this to be!

One final question : What do you think about the wall and glass texture?


That’s a nice start.
It’s a bit hard to tell the glass texture against the grey background but I would place the glass in the frame rather than over it.
I like the floor material.
It’s a bit of a mixture of items - a fairly modern looking chair with a roman style column and the stone(?) table - definitely on the surreal/abstract side.
If you are adding ice then that makes me think of a cave perhaps although it could end up in the clouds too .
I’d be interested to see what happens next.

Pretty odd. I like it :). Can’t wait to see when it’s done.

First, thanks for the feedback :smiley:
Well I still don’t really know where this will scene will go buuuuuuuuuut:

I made this cabinet, I hope it adds something interesting to the scene!

What background do you like the most? Or any other suggestions?

All of the backgrounds are, well, flat. I think the second one will be the best if you put some work into it.