Abstract Space Scene

I really need some help with this one. Where to start…

First of all I have been having a tremendous amount of problems with the colors. I just can’t seem to get them right! I have tried all possible combinations of color harmonies, yet it has never looked the way my mental image tells me it should look.

Secondly I can’t decide if there is a way to keep the image abstract, yet interesting to look at, in the sense that there is a lot of detail, and you can sort of explore the image (See examples 1 and 2). I also can’t decide where (if at all) I want to draw the viewers attention to (the parrot in example 2).

When I started working on this I had an image in my head of what I wanted it to feel like, but I just can’t produce it.

This is the color-corrected image. I like this, and I don’t. It looks pretty, but it is not really as interesting to explore because there are only 2 colors.

This is the image without any color-correction. Looks horrible right?

So what do I do? I would really like your feedback because I am completely stuck on this, and I think the image has potential. Please feel free to also give your feedback non color-related things in the image, like: composition, content, techniques, etc.
Also note that the house is not completely modeled yet.


  1. http://www.blenderartists.org/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=262791&stc=1&thumb=1&d=1380802518
  2. http://static3.evermotion.org/files/EVRprfolio/e20856943aa4b55bae060b0e2b55c4706f55c51f.jpg


I like the third image best.I think the focus has problem I don’t know where to look at. I think the house+misterious light that comes from the planet is the most interesting part. Maybe decrese the size of the planets?

And there should always be a tree next to the house^^

You know, it’s strange… the thumbnail does actually look somewhat better. It’s like the left part of the image is useless. I might be able to use this! Can some composition guru please explain why the thumbnail looks better?

the sundisk is too distracing maybe, too much focus points

overall i like the scene and idea.

Is it luxrender?

No this is good ol’ Cycles.

I feel as though the ring around the large planet needs a little more saturation. Or a little less brightness. Overall, however, it’s a very good collection you’ve got here (: The third one is the best, in my opinion.

Rather than taking out the left portion because it’s too distracting, try toning down the other elements and draw the focus more towards the sun or the galaxy(?) above it just because they look really cool. also showing the entire field adds to the kind of vast universe vibe you seem to be going for.

3rd one is the best I think.
I think you should drop the edge of the ring below the horizon a bit. Right now it looks like it is just above the ground. They should also be less saturated closer to the bottom because you are looking through more atmosphere.
The lights on the planet are distracting. They look like a star cluster…

Why don’t you have a gradient in your wheat, ranging from red-orange to golden? That would add a lot of color. How did you make the wheat look so soft?

I do actually have a gradient just like that.

Here is a closeup of the model for the wheat. The spiky things makes it look soft.

Hmmmmm…? http://puu.sh/bfdBk/bfc86e2f47.jpg

Getting there! I still mostly need help with the colors guys! The current color scheme is just boring. I want more than just 2 colors while retaining harmonious colors. Any ideas for that?

Well when I said gradient, I meant from left to right. Like, the wheat on the left could be red-orange and the wheat on the right could lean golden and even slightly green.

It looks pretty amazing :slight_smile: I’m curious as to how you made the background (planets, the rings around them etc). Was it an HDRI? Or did you model them? Either way, can you post a few wires?

I feel you should give the sky a bit of atmosphere. Lighten up the dark patches, so that the light from the side looks more natural. The current setting makes it look a litlle weird.

Here’s a wire. I didn’t bother to show the wheat because you have already seen that, but also because it is pretty memory consuming. Also I couldn’t use freestyle to render the wires because it crashed blender every time, so I just used the viewport.

Hi There, One thing that I would do to help the image is having the building level. It’s on such an angle it makes it less believable. Even martians have levels. lol jks

great lighting and atmosphere, looks beautiful!! agree with defeater905, the angled house does make it uneasy. remove the camera tilt, and turn the house on xy plane, towards the tree…

I’m actually glad you think that, because that was exactly what I was going for! Whenever I’m out at night and I look up at the sky, I get uneasy and a feeling like I could fall, which is the effect I wanted the tilt to have. So I’m not going to change the tilt specifically. Otherwise thanks to all of you for your feedback so far!

Got some work done on the house, still not done tho. Whaddaya dink?