Abstract tutorial


I wrote a tutorial: http://neos.desk.pl/stuff/tut/ maybe it will be useful for somebody

regards, neos



Abstract indeed :smiley: nice final render

ah cool thankx!

created a pdf for me!


heh, nothing special :stuck_out_tongue: but indeed useful ;]

Yeah, looks like a nice tutorial to master when your bored and want to make some arts for you desktop. :smiley: A really nice tutorial, very usefull. :stuck_out_tongue:

sweet, very nice, must use some!

Great little tutorial, thanks!
I sometimes like to fool around with abstract designs too, sometimes for desktop wallpapers, sometimes just for fun.
There’s another type of picture I like to do, which I call “radio-art”, basically it’s fooling around with objects that look like modern sculptures, with several different coloured radiosity emitters for the lighting. I think I’m gonna do a short tutorial on that, IF I ever get the time…