abstract wallpaper in progress

(shockreflex) #1

sorta ran out of inspiration half way through this wallpaper project … abstract as usual =)


any comments or ideas how to finish it, something is missin.

(S68) #2

Nice flower-like wallpaper :slight_smile:

Why don’t you export it to lightflow and make it crystal?


(shockreflex) #3

cause i’m too dense to do that… i would get lost, lol. seriously though i might try that, but i would need someone to talk me through or a tut or something. i’ve only been into blender for like a month now, still learning. is the lightflow thing complicated?

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(S68) #4

Well, I’m in Blender since late in december 2001 so not much an expert :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

For plain materials it is quite straightforward, you use eeshlo script to export, edit the scrip (yes you must, to make the material crystal like - but this is easy just cut and paste from tutorials :slight_smile: )

I think your kind of stuff would look great with real transparencies and raytraced light!


(SKPjason) #5

SUPERB. An amzing abstract concept. I loved it.

As a pervert :wink: I was amazed to see intertwining bodies in the piece… abstract art is so cool… you can see everything or anything… :wink:

Since you seem to think it’s missing something… may I suggest post-processing the picture to include light glints coming off the highlights. Perhaps not something as obtrusive as a full-on lens flare… but just a nice subtle “twinkling” like a shard of harsh light coming from the highlights…

In any case, whether you think it’s missing anything or not… I thought it was perfect… I;ve saved it to my hard drive to use as a desktop when I feel “randy”… :wink:

Jason :slight_smile:

(Timothy) #6

it’s now my wallpaper :slight_smile:

(sten) #7

nice abstract piece of art :slight_smile: