Abstract Wallpaper (Need help with title)

I made a new wallpaper but i cant think of a good title for it… Does anyone have any suggestions?

Here’s the image:

I need a good title so i can do some post-work on it. Thanks for viewing!

edit Photobucket automatically resized it, sorry. The full resolution version will be available in the “Finished Projects” section when post-work is complete.

Anyone? :frowning:

Explosion of reality…

Thank you for taking the time to respond. That’s a good suggestion = )

Everyone else:
What’s the deal? Only one response? Do you guys not appreciate abstract art? or is it that people have butchered abstract art so much here that you guys dont even care anymore? c’mon! feedback please!?

I mainly make Abstract and 3d wallpapers

Look at mine in the gallery and look at the titles (Im not good at naming but thats how I felt at the time)

But when making something abstract you must have something in mind that makes you feel the way that you create the piece.
So asking us for help when naming your piece is quite hard.

The only thing I can see is a warp, but what does it remind you of; were you angry, sad, confused,…etc…

What does it look like if you stare at it for more than 30 seconds?
How long did it take for you to perfect it?
What does it mean to you?

You’re right. The only problem is that i can interpret it thousands of different ways. I felt like blending when i made it. So should i call it blending? I mean it seems kinda cold so maybe it should have a winter-ish title? Maybe it could be love and the blackness could be what has been torn down in this person’s view of love? Maybe it could be that darkness is taking over light, so this shows the prevalence of some cold, dark evil?

I dont know, it could go either way. This is why i am asking for help. What does it make You (the audience) feel the most?

I’ll have a poll on all the suggestions and you guys will pick the best one. Thanks for all feedback so far. It’s really helping me get into the heads of the community.

you said that you were going to do some past processing (gimp, photoshop etc…)

What do you plan to do, wont it be better to do that first before naming it.

If you can; name if after an emotion; take something like anger and look it up in a theasaurus to find some cool names…

what about "moluculair impact’’ or ‘’ atomical combustion’’ or
“technological big bang”…

how about “Connection”

the thing with abstract art is… well it’s supposed to be an abstraction of something.


it looks vaguely suggestive of a neuron to me - how about something like “Energy of an original thought”?

The reason why I suggested my title is because it kind of reminds me of an explosion, but at the same time it’s just like reality. Beutifull, yet cold, with many different aspects, which some have been mentioned. Some parts are dark, and the darkness seems to be gripping the light, yet the light is fighting back, and growing even more powerful than the darkness. This is what makes one feel hope, hope that the darkness could be vanquished. This is how reality is, and I think I might just put that as my computer background, no matter what name is finaly given to it.

In another sense, that is also how life is, so you could also say “Explosion of Life,” or even “Life’s reality,” or “Reality of Life.” Maybe incorporate the explosion aspect into it as well, like “Explosion of the Reality of Life.”

The only other title that I see here that’s good is Connection, as it’s almost as if the light and the dark are connected, and the light and the dark don’t nessesarily mean good and evil. For instance, take magnetism. Opposites attract.

Thanks to all who gave suggestions, they will be put in a poll tomorrow (March 29, 2006 according to elysiun) This date is also the deadline for suggestions. You are all awesome!

I think if I get a title before doing postwork, the direction of the image as a whole can reflect the title. The symbols and other little oddities i put in my images are influenced by the theme or title of the image itself. So that is why i need to know what i want to call it before i do postwork.

Thanks, you’re really helping out with the expansion of ideas for possible titles.

Nice, i may just use that one! Thanks = )

edit Changed date, sorry about that lol :expressionless:

Hate to tell you, but it IS March 27th, at least where I live. According to Elysiun, it’s March 28th.

“Technological Big Bang,” is ok for an idea, as it looks almost like some form of technology, but it doesn’t fit the mood of the picture, as “Big Bang,” is asociated with an actual explosion, which would be yellow and red. More like “Explosion of Technology,” as it refers to it as an explosion, but ends with technology, bringing the thought of circuit boards to mind, which are usually green or blue, which is the color scheme of the picture.

The deadline for title suggestions is today. Now its time for you guys to choose the most fitting title in your opinion. Please vote! :slight_smile:

Well, I voted. Not many people have, have they?

Okay, the wallpaper is done, you can check it out in the “Finished Projects” Section.

Thanks to all those that helped out.