Abstract WC Image; I'd Like Some Help (HELP?!!)

Oliver Twist, get it? “Please, sir, I’d like some more.” “MORE?!!”

Anyway, I noticed how my previous images in the Finished Projects forum generated advice, so I decided to put this up on the WIP.

Here’s the image.

hmm I don’t get it :frowning:
its interesting whatever it is
my question is wether the stuff is just a texture mapped to a plane or modeled? If its just a texture, get rid of it, and model it. Idd sugest using colored lights with halo turned on or maybe semi transparent streched spheres.
3d makin cube :slight_smile: :smiley:

They’re moving colored lamps. Halo wasn’t used… It’s MBLURred at 5.00 with 16 samples, and they’re all parented to a circle that’s rotating extremely fast.

BTW: Oliver Twist… well… never mind that.

That looks pretty cool! Congratulations cubefan, this is probably your first okay looking picture.

Looks very abstract! Good stuff Cubefan!



It looks… Well… It looks…

It looks off center :stuck_out_tongue:

This actually looks quite good Cubie, congrats :slight_smile:
Some color correction would be nice, to enhance the colours (play with hue values and increase contrast)