Abstract Wires.

hello everyone,
I made this todayHere it is.

Pure 2.42.

You could have entered whatever you wanted, but Im pretty sure the contest is closed…
The piece is alright, but not much design wise. Looks likea sphere with a few pulls of proportional editing…
And I think youshould drop the whole ‘Deep’ thing, you cant handle it.

Ok thank you.

Looks cool, and I really like the star effect in the middle, but I’m not so keen on the choice of colours (being the red + blue). They make me think that it is a render of Spider Man, and they don’t really go with the rest of the image. So I’d change them to a more neutral colour.

Other than that, looks good.

yeah, gotta agree, plus, Its not very…intricate. If there was an interesting background, and maybe a glow effect or something, it would really add to the image.
And please dont be offended by my last comment. I only mean that your skills(as of now) are not strong enough, and so it can make your art seem cheesier than it is…
But keep it up, hope to see you progress alot

As always trak, I think it looks great! I do understand where freeality and cuby are coming from however. The lighting and rays look like they took some time but the “abstract wires” look more like a netting that was stretched and or pulled. It looks this way because there is no ExTrEmE variation. Something unique that differs throughout the artwork (like thicker strands here and thinner strands there and maybe have the wires covering the entire picture and zooming towards and away from the z plane; wires that move in and out of distance create a nice abstract effect). Other than that, this picture is seriously beautiful! The flips and tugs of this work give this piece an undeniable curvature that keeps the eyes attracted. The light also radiates throughout the work in smaller and larger beams that illuminate different sections of your artwork allowing the viewer to observe the lit parts closer and more vividly. The overall intensity of the project isn’t high which is good because it allows the viewer to relax and soak it in and not feel so compelled to stop looking. I really REALLY want to see more works LIKE THIS in the future. I think, maybe if you show another work or two, this could be your niche in Blender. Let’s see a few more! (btw, I judge professional artworks in college…that’s why I talk so dang much!) Good luck and Blend it up!

Whats the point of this image? What is the message, the idea behind it?

I’m sorry, but I really disagree with cloud9nimbus. The eye is not drawn to the image, somewhat I feel because the “points of interest” are empty (draw 4 lines splitting your image into thirds horizonatally and vertically. Where they cross is where the eye naturally falls first. You can grab someone by placing something in one of them. Look at some other pictures and where your eye falls, I bet often it is on a third line.

I’d really suggest reading about colour theories, composition and doing those other things I mentioned. Perhaps take up photography, from that you should learn about all of these things.

If you just wanted something aesthetically pleasing, then fine, but this is really not abstract. Look at some of RobertT’s work, he does arguably the finest abstract art on this forum that I have seen.


Abstract isn’t a specific artwork that looks good because it falls into the mainstream definition of “abstract”. Abstract is something that can’t be idealistically viewed as a “real life” aspect. Abstract in it’s unadulterated form is simply…different. This is what this art is… There are no if’s about it. This art is both asthetically pleasing as it is abstract. Just because traks work doesn’t meet Picasso’s definition of abstract doesn’t mean it magically becomes just an image…traks work meets HIS definition of abstract. Seems that was good enough for all the other artists…don’t you think? Keep up the good work Trak!

thank you cloud9nimbus.:slight_smile:
Ian C: People may think this work is really ugly,but it is my work, i made it, and if i thought it was ugly i wouldnt have posted it up.I only post my work up so that i may get advice in which to make THIS image better, not anything else.I only want advice on this picture,AND NOTHING ELSE!(unless i state so.)
And i dont mean to tick anyone off.I am just saying what i feel.
And thak you for your small theory about where the eye falls first.:slight_smile:

I never said it was ugly, I spoke about some problems with composition and told you where you may be able to learn to improve. Oh, the theory isn’t mine, it’s quite a common one.

There is simply no way any of us can help you make an abstract piece better unless we understand the idea behind it. Without an idea it really isn’t abstract.

I like to help, but if you don’t want me to then fine, it saves me some time.

cloud9nimbus, calm down. I’m saying that if it is merely meant to be pleasing on the eye then it’s not abstract.

Trak, if you can answer these questions

Whats the point of this image? What is the message, the idea behind it?

then we can help, if not then we can’t. We can’t help you get an idea across if we don’t know what idea that is

Sorry Trak, Ians got a point. Abstract is expressing an Idea in an unusual way. If you look at the art, you can see the idea, but Its presented in ways that make you think creatively.
Keep that in mind as you make your art…

The point: wire flare in the center
Meaning and idea: Behind everthing lies something.
hope i have been of assistance:)

Alright, heres an idea…
To have expressed that Idea(a good one :slight_smile: ) you could have done something simple such as…
A box. Its dark all around, but for the light behind it. It casts shadows. Youcould perhaps play with the box to fake SSS, or just make the material interesting, to add to the visual value.
My point being, dont go with something like wire to make an image look complex
Wire is generaly bad in 3D for a few reasons.
1we see it while we work on a project, so connect it wiht unfinished work
2 it is fairly simple, and makes topology problems and artifacts very obvious
The color choice was abstract, but brightcolors(especially ones that cause us to percieve, say, spiderman :wink: ) arent usually used in abstract, at least not when they mean something together.
Such as:
Red white and blue = USA
orange and black = halloween
green and red = christmas
red and blue = spiderman
You want to avoid such color arrangements.
Lighting is another important part. Harsh lighting in certain areas draws the eye, while soft lighting relaxes the image…

Some things to think about…
good luck trak :slight_smile:

thank you free_ality.I will consider what you said in the future

Very nice trak! Your work is brilliant and some artists see it, some artists don’t, but we are all artists including you so keep on truckin’ and producing those great works!

thank you yet again!:slight_smile:

The point: wire flare in the center
Meaning and idea: Behind everthing lies something.
hope i have been of assistance

OK. My main critique then is that the flare is not obviously behind the object, as it’s a wire. If you want to keep with the dark and light difference, perhaps play off an eclipse? Something huge and bright, hidden and to observers in one place not there. But, if you move, you get it. I dunno, just a late night idea.

bang bang, exactly what I said(ahem, not stealing your fire IanC)

Thanks guyz!

haha, free_ality, didn’t notice that! I read your post but then didn’t really think. Great minds, eh? [ego++]

Just a thought, but try looking at your renders in black and white. This will let you see how the colours you have chosen change the image without affecting intensity.