Abstract, yellow

Just an abstract work i have done, blender-yafray-gimp
Hope you like it.

C&C are welcome.
Thanks for viewing.


Looks good!! Is it 100% blender? any post proccess?

Looks good though.

I cant think of any crits at the moment!!


blender + yafray + gimp = lotsa post pro.

it is, however, extremely good. I don’t really like how the upper left is neglected, but the yellow band pulls you eyes in then they end up resting in the mid-lower-right… that’s ok, but It’d be better if it pulled you around more, maybe some whispy lines going from bottom-right to top left-ish could change it, I don’t know, you’d have to try it.

Hola, nice conceptual work!

Yes, it’s very good, it reminds me of planet rings - very

Peaceful and beautiful.
Nice mood.
Looks like a detail of something.

I like it. Really nice colors.

Looks pretty cool to me, good and abstract

Thanks for all your comments.

jessethemid: The upper left has nothing, because this work will evolve to a bussines card later and that will be the place to put a logo.

Roffey: I agree, maybe it have some space or planet look but this wasn’t intended.

sorry for my bad english

About how much postpro the image haves, this is the image rendered with yafray without post pro.
The rest was done in gimp.