My first Elysiun “finished project” posting.

Basically I started out by playing around with ray tracing reflections.

Rendering time: roughly 1 hour.

Warning: 2MB image:


You can ge some really nice effects with recursive reflections… This scene has a total of 4 meshes, 2 lights and a camera…

Feedback more than welcome :slight_smile:

gosh thats good!

Pretty abstract. :slight_smile: Like some mysterious wonderland of paint and reflection.

that’s amazing for first post. very creepy. :smiley:


orion119net: if you’re interested, you can download the .blend file:


It’s basically looking at the inside of a hollow, very reflective sphere sphere with some bump mapping - Objects inside the sphere also have reflections on.

…And man does it slow down with multiple reflecting objects :-?

Thanks for the posative feedback.

very interesting work!