This is a abstract work I’ve done plz feel free to post your own.:



That’s sooooo uncool!
For abstract you need more repeating patterns and not just a bounch of simple objects with different materials.

Take a look at this

That’s sooooo uncool!

dude i thought this forum was about encourage ment and helpfull constructive critasism

abstract is what you make it thats why its abstract i agree that his could be improved for example try smoothing out the shapes

OK, sorry. I didn’t ment to hurt you. I don’t know how long youv’e been using blender either so that was bad of me.

But take a look around on others abstract art. The picture I posted is a example of a simple made abstract scene.

A tip… Use much raytraced mirrors and transparens. And don’t care about loooong rendering times!

Yep, abstract is whatever the hell you want it to be…it doesn’t need to have any repeating anything.

Ozone: It is pretty darn cool. The colors I think need to be saturated a little more. They all have that hazy feel, try making the colors a bit more you know, colorful. Also, I would really like to see a different background. Add a plane the abstract objects and size it to be out of the camera scene. Then give the plane whatever crazy color/mirrored/textured surface that you want.

thx its OK.

but what would be the point of adding a reflectng … outside of the view

To increase colours and make it more erm “Abstract” :smiley:

thx i think i get it.

thx I think this looks alot better what do you think {19 min render:-? }


Looks like you’ve got competition, Ozone:


Oh, and please don’t post such large renders; use imageshack. They clutter up the page, steal my valuable bandwidth, and hurt my eyes.

Abstract cen certainly be whatever you want it to be, so ignore my comments if you want, but I jus think they wil mae this piece more appealing. Firstly, I think it needs to be more flowing. At the moment we can all see the exact geometry of everything and we can practically figure out all of your material settings and which procedurals you used. Rather than just hurling the objects into random spaces I think try and arrange everything in a way that at least means something to you, that way it might mean something to us and mess around with your materials a bit more so we cant tell exactly how they were created.

but i did use image shack. do you mean i should have posted it as a link??

thx thats a good idea that was just an experiment in the beggining good advice I’ll fix it if i ever become less lazy.

thx thats a good idea that was just an experiment in the beggining good advice I’ll fix it if i ever become less lazy.[/quote]

You should have experimented first. And looked at what other people have done to get a feel for what abstract art is. You probably should have posted this thread in a different forum as well, such as the WIP forum. Right now, your scene is nothing more than about 6 minutes 12 seconds of “work”, using generic materials and objects with little or no thought put into it. If you are wondering why I am so harsh, read these threads on cgtalk:

I’m Rather Upset at Elysiun
is elysiun killing blender’s reputation?

The fanboying and wowing described in those threads is what I am afraid is happening here, and I seriously don’t think your work has the merit.

Edit: This is abstact art -> deludedCube

srry i acually did spend some time on it and i thought it looked pretty good.

even if all of you could have done it I was the one who posted it. sryy I just thought it looked sorta cool

Hey, don’t apologize. There are 13000 plus people registered here, a few hundred log on every day, you’ve had 280 looks and only 2 people have complained. That’s not even a minority. Some people are born unhappy; they’re not happy unless they’re unhappy. Don’t be sorry on their account.
If this pic was on the CD cover of “3D Starter for Kids Under Eleven” everybody would be saying “stick with the first pic, it captures the theme”. Don’t let the fact that a few elitists believe that everything 3D should be all grown up determine what you do and least of all whether or not you post it here. Don’t be intimidated, you’ve got a middle finger, use it!


From what i read about on the first forum they where complainign about, how young folk are using Blender. And how most folk say wow to a render.

I dont see Elysiun as childish just the starting point for many a newcomer. Wanting to know more about the package, everyone starts at the begining.

The last render looks better but it needs a theme of some sort so its following a patern.

Everyone starts at the begining, Elysiun acomadates everyone from the Noob to the Pro. I dont reallt see how it can be said as chilidish.

Woops Ive strayed from the constructive comments. Its childish. :o

Keep it up ozone, maybe you should try focusing on one project at a time i see you got more than 3 threads with diffrent projects your doing. :slight_smile:

blendermax…you really are a lame ass. Just shut up and don’t post unless it is going to help the person get better…nevermind

Or we stop fanboying people. Which will most definitely make people get better instead of flooding forums with stuff that isn’t even art. Tone it down, Woodman5k, your erratic behavior is hardly appropriate here. I admit that I do get impulsive about things like this, because I passionately believe in showcasing art on art forums, rather than stuff that can be done in 5 minutes without any artistic merit.

I suggest this: the administrators create a separate forum for newbies to post tests and the like, to keep the Finished Projects forum clean but at the same time allow newbies to get to know the software better. I’ll take myself as an example. I only post things that I am pretty sure about, things that can match up to the level of other, acclaimed users. For this reason, I haven’t posted any of my ongoing projects for quite some while, simply because I don’t believe they are up to par.