But you wont be able to get them up to par and improoved if you dont post them. Thats the whole point of posting.

You belive its finished you post it on the forums. People comment on it, you improve it, and it goes on. In actual fact you get better at modelling, posting it rather than not.

or what would you rather see?? Perfect work first time, that would be dull forums. :expressionless:
Dont forget noobs learn from other noobs mistakes.

This is is highly dependant on your work ethics and style. I prefer improving my own work individually and then showing it to the outside world when it’s done. This isn’t only stuff that I do in Blender, I do this in general. I’ve had a lot of bad feedback from people about applications that I programmed which were then in their alpha or beta stage. And improvement based on feedback is not always the end all be all. I prefer perusing the web for reference and inspiration to perfect my work. Also, I have a bad habit of starting on stuff and never finishing it, especially stuff I do in Blender; but I digress. What I want to stress is that, to allow people to work in their own ways, an experimentation forum could be added to allow newbies (as mentioned beforehand) to post things that may or may not (yet) be considered as art; to ease newbies on their way. However, personally, I find this kind of level in the Finished Projects forum intolerable.

I never said it was otherwise. That is why I proposed an additional forum.

thx for responding I’ll fix the “flowing” issue as soon as i get back to a wifi spot.
<edit> oi its harder than I thought. I’ll come back this as soon as i get better.</edit>

because I passionately believe in showcasing art on art forums, rather than stuff that can be done in 5 minutes without any artistic merit.

Sure thing genius…you really need to get outside and relax. Perhaps you should think about going on a couple month hike away from any computer. From what I have seen, you and a couple of other ‘leets’ are the only people who complain about newbs posting. And when did fanboyism become a part of Ozone’s post? There was no fanboyism here you dip. I think you should perhaps think about starting your own blender community where you can heavily moderate user activity so only the best stuff gets posted…and oh yea, you can have the ‘you are the suk’ forum for all of the newbs. But until you do…nevermind.

I might remind you that you are the one ranting without good suggestions and using (mild) insults, not me. As to fanboying, it is, ironically, your own post:

What you are suggesting to Ozone is that he make his render even more eye-burning. Regarding what you termed the ‘you are the suk’ forum, I suggest you re-read my post. Maybe then it will occur to you that I was in no way being derogatory to newbies as a whole, but to inapropriate posting in a forum that should and is designated for finished artwork as I understand it.

About going outside and getting some fresh air… I have to agree. I haven’t been outside doing stuff for a few weeks, after school was over it was just partying till we dropped. Now most of my pals have gone back home (japan, england, belgium, etc.), so I’m left with other lazy people, or ones that live far away. But again, I digress. I wholeheartedly suggest you re-read my post and perhaps try to approach it with lowered adrenaline levels, it might prove to be more effective.



Ok blendermax, this is my last post here(I am sorry Ozone). You have no concept of other people. You don’t know how long a person spends on what they put in the finished projects…and just because you can do better you think you can talk down to them. And another thing, if only the good artists posted their works in finished projects we would only see posts from a select few people(RobertT, LonC, @ndy, An][ares, ect.) Please stop putting people down. You are no better than anyone else. And what of the hobbyists? What of the people that aren’t so artistic but enjoy doing it. Can they not have something they can call ‘finished’? And art can happen in 5 minutes or less. You take art right out of a textbook. You show no sense of reality from your posts. Only regurgitated text out of a class you took that you are now a self-proclaimed expert of.