Hi, For the first time I tried to create a abstract render in Blender.
Please gimme some C&C!


wacky looking. kind of looks like a pile of chrome piping thats had an anuerism. nice work, but i think a wierd background would be cool with teh reflections.

-XrQLz :stuck_out_tongue:

More Comments & Crits please!..:o

:)look nice! Can we see a wire please?

And here is the wire… I had to reduce the quality though…


lol even the wire looks like abstract art imo=D

Nice to hear the good comments…

ahh, thing that makes me like abstract art, my eyes are suddenly put in some really crazy unique other world. This did just that, kinda had a feeling of a canyon or tunnel with gapes to the left, wanted to see what was outside of it O_O

Cool work =)

honestly, i like the wire better. it’s super cool looking

XrQLz :stuck_out_tongue: