Abstractacular [UPDATED 04/28/04 Pg. 2]

Playin’ around.


I’ll be adding more colors soon, and if anyone’s interested, I’ll put up a 1024x768 when my webhost doesn’t suck so much.

For those who want it, here’s the 1024x768:


And a Photoshopped 1024x768:


too dark

I kept it dark so I could use it as a new background, I got tired of my old one, and don’t like bright flashy things at midnight without lights on.

what is it?

No clue. Without the red and yellow it looks like a spinal cord.

Played a little in Photoshop.


Switched hosts and added a 1024x768, haven’t had much time to do anything with it, but I’ll be playing around some more later.

Added some purple.


And Photoshopped it.


much better, I like it.

Makes a fairly nice background, except the render times are hideous because of all the raytracing.

I’d like to add more, but right now it’s getting hard to choose a color to add… I wanted to use green, but when the blue and yellow mix, it makes the same green I had at first…

And here’s a 1024x768 of the last render (in case anyone wants it):


Ah, bump…

Hey, cool, it looks really FFX-ish. :smiley:

I can’t think of another color to go with it, I’d prefer not to use green or orange… Any suggestions?

Another bump.


Added some green.


And Photoshopped:


I may just call this finished, what do you think?

Mmmmm reminds me of gummy worms.

Good thing or bad thing?

Good thing or bad thing?[/quote]

I dont know do you have something against gummy worms? :stuck_out_tongue:


I dont know do you have something against gummy worms? :P[/quote]
Of course not! Who doesn’t like all the sugar?

Anywho, figured I’d post the 1024x768:

Blender render: