Ok i’m trying to stretch blender a lil, and I also used a bit of PS after work mostly to make good DOF, c&c would be great…

wow, quite good composition :slight_smile:

i like this pic

That looks good :o , I’ve got a lot to learn.

Hanzo, are you still working on the shaders for blender? they looked realy usefull mate.

keep up the great work.


henzo… that looks good. is that picture an improvment of that you did in the radiosty post a few day ago?:

awesome dewd :slight_smile: …have any tutorials?


Lighting setup? Just for me? Pleeeaaaaase!?

Very nice.

Only real crit would be that the texture is the same on all the spheres. But that is very, very minor.

Great lighting set up.


shaders for blender, ah well no, there done now… I just have to get my new site up and running :wink: I need to find the time…

@ner: yup, sure is…

Rolando: maybe that would be a good idea to put on my long things to do list :smiley:

BgDM: ah I know what you mean, but this pic ( although not that visible ) symbolize book and map ( world history ) the map is on the boxes and the book texture is on the sphere… :-? anyway that’s my thoughts

thanks “all” for your posts…

Fantastic composition and great lighting. My only crit would be that where the texture pinches at the top of the sphere, it looks slightly blurred and stretched. However, this is a tiny crit as it really does look amazing.


Wow, i looove the lighting on this one. Makes it look very real.

Whoooow :o :smiley: , how did you do such bumpmap map dude? It cools awesome, could you tell us a littlebit how you did that. :stuck_out_tongue: Because I’m trying to do such bumpmap for a while, but never it was sooo bummapped as your picture, share .blend. 8) ?

JD - if you mean altering the depth of bump, theres a NOR slider on the bottom right…

Hanzo: i am really impressed by this, could you perhaps show us the lighting set up you used?

very cool!! highly cool!!
the first thing I noticed about the picture was the camera focus effect … cool.
The second one (wondering what those things were goes without saying :stuck_out_tongue: ) was wondering how awesome the tiny details (bumps … or what are they) on the objects are … I wish there was a 3d program that would not only do texture effects as if the texture had bumps … but actually create the bumps out of the texture.

good news, there is one, and its free, and it has a kickass online community… oop, seems youre already a member anarky :wink:

click “Nor” on the top right of the materials buttons, and watch it go!


but that only gives that impression, right? … I’m talking about actually adding vertices to your model at the placese where the bumps would be … so with some colours you’d get actual bumps in your model, ones that’d you’d see even moving around the wireframe

Well…the only way to do that is with patience. Thats not what has been done with this picture though. The bumps you see are an illusion.

(I hope…)

You can actually do that to some extent, Anarky.

Add a plane, and subdivide it a heap of times (say 10). Give it the “clouds” texture.

then, with all verts selected, press “noise” in f9 menu a few times, the verts move in accordance to the texture

have fun

REally??!? isn’t noise just random vertex distorsion?

No it distorts in accordance with the current texture.

:wink: hey again yall…

Anarky: what your talking about is displacement mapping the noise thing is ok but displacement mapping is way better. unfortunately blender dosn’t have that but maya max and hmm actualy I think most other 3d apps have it…

no swet though blender will have it one day :-?

here’s a wire of how and were I positioned the camera

and here’s the origional render without any of that PS: after working