(macke) #1

Second revision:


Not modelled with blender. Rendered in it though.

(pofo) #2

I like it alot. Glad to hear not all exports go from Blender to external renderers :wink:

The bump maps are great, in the top pic the marble thingy really looks sawed on top. Perhaps the spec is a little high.

  1. pofo

(rogerm3d) #3

Thats really nice looking whatever it is. :wink:
Really nice render for blender.

(BgDM) #4

beautiful work macke! the lighting is fantastic.


(macke) #5

Thank you. My inital thoughts were to render with XSI, but it wouldn’t work as I wanted it to do on my octane. It crashed all the time. And quite frankly, I’m happy with the result I got from blender.

The top one uses another lighting scheme than the bottom, I didn’t really like it all that well, so I changed it in the other pic, which turned out to be a lot better imho.

Thank you!

Thank you! The lighting is actually pretty simple, but efficient. I had to make use of negative lamps a bit, as shadows in blender quite frankly sucks big time. Sorry for the negative attitude, but they do ;o)

(shibbydude) #6

I like your lighting! If you could would you just send me a .blend with the lighting scheme? Those are some kickass soft shadows. Great job! If you can send me some lights, my email is [email protected] (soon to be [email protected] (yay!).

(macke) #7

Thank you!

No, I can’t. A matter of principle, I don’t like giving out my source files, and I don’t have time to make a new example one either. It’s just a matter of tweaking the 3-point setup that is the most common way of lighting. You can read about it in many places. A good book on the subject matter is [Digital] Lighting and Rendering, wonderful book.

The negative lights are your friend, so is the layer option!

(shibbydude) #8

I understand. I think that I understand how you lit it now too. I’ll have to try that.

(blengine) #9

very nice macke! i like the texturing alot… very abstract, great job

(rixtr66) #10

beautifully done ,shadows,textures,lighting.
very nice,im working on my lighting as well it makes a big difference.
very chic.


(YAYA) #11

Who needs BMRT after that?? :wink:

(muteinvert) #12

the bump mapping is really cool, and the marble(the first pic looks better)

(MoreK) #13

Awesome textruing and LIGHT. How many and what kind of lamps?!?!? You know you could make a great tutorial out of this: the model is simple but the end result is damn good. What’s youre magic trick behind this? Making it look so PRO?

(macke) #14

4 non shadow casting spots
1 shadow casting spot
15 negative lamps
1 hemi

Two of the non shadow spots are coloured, one blue, one red. All the others have faint colouration or no colouration, either way, it barely shows.

Attention to detail! Say you want a pic at 800x400 pixels, then render it at twice the size and cramp in as many details you need to make it look pretty good. Then, when resizing or rendering at the wanted size, you get a fancy looking pic. That and the basic elements of CG, models, materials and lighting.

To everyone else:
Thanks very much for your flattering, much appreciated!

(rwv01) #15

I love your lighting effects!
Nice form too.
Which modeling app. did you use anyway?

(macke) #16

Thank you!

Thanks, I just modelled away with this one, not thinking at all when I did it. That felt good!

A beta app.

(sten) #17

hey macke…

great artwork from such nice place heh

well…nice to see it rendered in Blender though…and I might soon own a LW license…real that is… :smiley:

(macke) #18

Good thing! Did the work thing you told me about way back work out?

(sten) #19

Hej Min Svenska vän uppe i norr :smiley: !!

Good thing! Did the work thing you told me about way back work out?[/quote]

Hehe, yes actually, I have almost finished the website design now, as a matter of fact it is ready, but there are some veryfication that needs to be done, some at the city council that must verify the content and people needs to assign there signatures for the so called PUL-law , so they can’t come afterwards and say, “hey, I didnt’ approve that!!” , and all that might take a while…I hope very soon though…

and as payment I get some computer stuff, cause they can’t pay me cash (some technicallity, that I won’t get into)…but some of that stuff is a LW-license…I did wonder about Maya C also, but it is somewhat more expensive and I want more than just a 3D tool…like new bigger harddrive and other things…so I thought LW is the right price/features…

if you want, please tell me how you did this particular artwork…it is great !
but funny that your XSI at your Octane crashed…made me giggle a bit…they are somewhat constructed to take punch I belivie ?

if then, PM me in Swedish, it is easier :smiley:

(macke) #20

Hej hopp!

Gotta love the jurisdictions!

Been there too!

I’m going to have a deeper look at LW myself too, seems it has quite funky stuff under its hood.

Thanks, catch me on IRC and I’ll answer any questions you might have. I’m in #blenderqa if you don’t know where to find me.

Well, Softimage was first developed on SGI machines I believe, and with the rewrite, XSI, it got developed on NT machines instead as people were complaining on bad NT compatibility. Alas, this means that IRIX compatibility has dropped quite a bit. So, you need quite beefy hardware to make it run stable, something which I still have not, (yet).