Here is the latest in a series of abstract works I’ve been working on.
I was into abstract painting for years before I started working with blender.

Anyway, just thought I’d see what the reactions were like. I think it turned out pretty good.

Really nice style, really looks like a painting :slight_smile:

yeah…looks like a 3D painting…er… I mean…uhh… its abstract.

day of the tentacle

Thanks for the replies.

I’m hoping to get about 15 works like this done, and then hopefully I can get them printed and framed, and have a few local gallery showings.

If I can get enough money together, that is. Matting and Framing is expensive.


I’m not usually a fan of abstract CGI, but I kinda like this. :slight_smile:
only problem is the blur… It bothers my eyes, I keep trying to focus on some parts of the image but they NEVER COME INTO FOCUS!!! …well, it’s not THAT bad… (most noticable on the purple thing with the other, uh, things connecting into it).

I think I have to agree with Gr8RedShark on this. My eyes are drawn toward the purple thingy, but I can’t see it when I get there. But other than that I really like it. It has sort of a “Dr. Suess” style.

Its like one of those weird, which way is up? Sort of pictures.

Very nice modelling. Like to see them framed. :wink:

But before you do. Those glass blocks need something done to them.
They look a bit out of place.

Nice but too blurry for me.

really cool, i like the depth of field, i’m also in love with all glass/crystal objects, i just love yafray, 9.5/10!!!

Why the DOF? Shut it off. Would be a stronger presentation without it imo.

Well, here is a version without the DOF… Is it really better without it?


I think it’s better without the DOF… but since it’s your work, it should ultimately be your call. :wink:

I think it looks better without the DOF but try this:

Duplicate the image layer in photoshop and gaussian blur the duplicate with a very high setting. At least to the point where you can’t make out specific shapes anymore, just regions of color. After that set the blender mode of the top layer to “screen” and then adjust the opacity to the get the effect you like best. I think you’ll be happy with the result and I know I’d like to see it :smiley: (I would do it for you but I think the process will teach you something about post processing so I’ll leave it to you) Can’t wait to see it! :smiley:

Can’t say for sure as both versions look pretty good with or without DOF.


Well, here’s the version with the screen you suggested. I think it looks pretty nice! Thanks for the tip!

now that’s really cool…
man, you’ve got some imagination…

I like your work laniru, always has a v. good artistic sense. Hope to see more soon.

:o It came out so much better than I expected :smiley: I hope you like it! You might also way to experiment with adding on more blurred layer of the image above the base image with the opacity set very low and the blend set to normal. Just mess around a little and see what you get :slight_smile: One nice artistic touch that works well with images is to frame them with black bars top and bottom, or even around all four sides. This sort of image might be nice with some sort of vignette too. Perhaps you could have pieces of your render poking out of the edges of a softened border. Anyway… I really like how it came out :slight_smile: I hope you get to use this technique on other images in the future :smiley:

Thanks for all the comments and crits, folks. You really helped me make this as good as I wanted it to be.

I’m already working on the next piece in this series, and I’ll post it when it’s near completion.