Abstrax Stuff

[ATTACH=CONFIG]138028[/ATTACH]Some abtract work with Yafaray and blender 2.5 /2.49. Enjoy :wink:

Abtrax No.1

FullHD-Hires: http://picfront.de/d/8b97

Abtrax No.2

Hires better Quali: http://picfront.de/d/8aOG

Abtrax No.3

Hires: http://picfront.de/d/8b43

Were you just testing Yafaray features or was this done for some project ??

Not a whole lot of modelling, but the lighting and composition is nice.

Update new pic :wink:

Update in the first post!

the new one is cool. nice work

Thanx Sam.
Here is a new one.
Abstrax No.4

Hires: http://picfront.de/d/8b9p

The thumbnail catched my eye. Very good sens of color!

Thank you Benny_Flex!

This is too good. It looks just like an insane oragami.

Thanx AfroSnackey!

i think that they have a really good mood. I would experiment some other compositions too. Lighting is really cool. :wink:
keep on the good work, man!

Thank you Meschoyez!
Im preparing some expeditions to Abstraxland :wink:

Well, definitely i’ll take the tour!

very nice!

New one:
Abstrax No.5

Hires :