Abu Record 1300

Hi i made this little thingy and plan is to make old and worn textures fo it.

Anyway here is model:




Here is link to actual thingy:

Nice modeling and lighting so far, keep it up.

i’m a sucker for fishing so taht is awsome! :wink:

After long day rendering and playing with shaders i have this:


I’m not too happy with that, but it’s a start i hope :frowning:

That is not bad at all.

Are you going for a rusted look, or a cleaner look?


If u had read my firt post u would know it is going to be old and worn :stuck_out_tongue:

Those gray parts and underneath green is alunium, most of chrome parts are same material as gears(don’t know what it’s called in enghlish, in finnish it is messinki) and few chromed parts are iron. There is little part made of copper too.

Well now when i look it after those shiny pics it won’t look that bad, maube i have looked it too long today :wink:
Anyway it is pure Blender for now and my purpose was to paint those textures, i only hope i have time for that.





Hot damn. Nice texture job. You cut of the top of the reel! Check that camera position. I’m not at all fond of the camera angle, but I love the texturing. I don’t like the red either, but that is merely a matter of personal preference - the old reel on the new cloth looks odd.

Great stuff.

Some crits:

a) The text looks like it should be engraved or stamped into the metal. Make a bump map for that.
b) Looks like you have no bump map for the rust sections on the reel either. Could be wrong here and could be the camera angle throwing it off.
c) Make sure you paint a spec map for the flatter parts of the reel, (i.e. non-rusted and newer), to show that they are still in somewhat decent shape.

Nice work Poju.


Thanks for replys folks!

anogarlr: For now camera angle is way it is coz i’m showing off those textures for final i might change it.

BgDM:A,B,C only those green parts are mapped and there is just diff map based on photo, other maps are coming slowly(darn those kids take time :smiley: )

Anyway here is scene test:


That red in stone should look like stone contans iron and is rusted, but it’s little too bright/red/orange

Looking good Poju.

Indeed, sir, indeed. :wink:


hehe, looking good, you don’t see good pics too often… I like the concept of the thing far away from any water…

This has already become very good, Poju. I think the rusted stone needs a rougher surface to look like a corroded stone.