Look at the price of this Blender 2.33 manual :

I can’t believe that !!!

The “low item price” remark is kind of funny. Business is business.

lol, ouch, my eyes, my eyes, they burn! jargh! somebody put it out! haha… wow… though hey, its a blender book! :wink:

Has this become a collectors item?

I gotta copy you can have for only US$160. Of course, depending on where you are, shipping will be US$50 and up;-)

I guess if I’m ever short on cash, I can always sell my blender book :evilgrin:.

A bit pricey for a book that’s also out of date.

I wonder if you put it up for auction on Ebay how high the price would get if it got in a bidding war:spin:

wow, 200 bucks is just a bit steep! Especially considering it is published on the web, and so can be obtained for free.

heheh what on earth? maybe they’re making up for the fact that blender is free? XD

It’s funny, but that’s only “abuse” if you misunderstand capitalism or the word “abuse.”

That said, I can’t wait to sell my first edition The Essential Blender signed by me and Ton, with original hand-marked manuscript on Amazon marketplace for $10,000 in a few years!

If there is still demand for the book maybe the blender foundation could take orders and get a limited print run produced at lulu.com. I don’t know what it would cost but I bet it would be better than those second hand prices?

New versions of old don’t have the same antique value as original old ones. It’s a collector’s item.

I don’t think these are priced to sell. I’m not sure what’s actually the deal, but I’ve often seen old, non-selling books marked up to ridiculous prices even if they are still available for their cover price elsewhere. I am guessing somebody’s trying to inflate some numbers somewhere.

If you look closely you’ll see that the crossed out list price is $49.95

A quick google brought up this page:

I’ve never bought books online so I have no idea, but it looks like you can get it from BooksAMillions for $35? Is a book on Blender 2.3 still relevant for today?

It is still a good refrence for most aspects of blender, i would say most people could learn a hell of a lot from it, infact i would benefit from looking at it myself. It doesnt include some of more recent features e.g. nodes, sculpting, certain new modelling tools, ramp shaders etc. Once you learn the really important basics and what most of the buttins do you can figure out everything else.

Is a book on Blender 2.3 still relevant for today?

As TheANIMAL said, it is still relevant, but it’s also all online in a much updated form on the Wiki, so it’s not really worth chasing down unless you’re a die hard completist. And of course buying it doesn’t benefit the Blender Foundation now, so there’s not much point. IMO.

Judge Judy will rule in favor of the smart seller than the idiot buyer. Call it smart, abuse, whatever, who cares? Thing is, he bought the book. The Blender Foundation benefited. He can do whatever he wants with it. As opposed to people who just yap without donating a single cent to the BF.

Yah, I’m keeping my “signed” edition in a safe place, although I have
absolutely NO CLUE what the scribbles say :smiley:

i dont think selling the book @ that price is as bad as this:


i laugh my ass of for the person who would be so dumb to by a computer manual wich is over 50 dollars … special this print which has a print problem to my knowledge and is out dated.