Abydos Stargate

Here’s a picture from one of my favorite movies/shows, Stargate:


Due to the lighting, you can only see the bottom of the stargate. If you would like me to alter the lighting to see more on the stargate than give a yell and I’ll post it.


Good, good.

I think turning on Ambiant Occlusion would halp this scene.

AO works for pretty much any scene, it really does help with lighting.

Yeah, Ive already tried using AO, but in the end I decided I liked it better without it, and did a bit of postpro with Photoshop.


AO however should never be used alone unless you’re wipping a nice sexy model on it’s own (even then a nice directional shadow or two helps a lot).

AO is a great tool but it should never be used alone.

I can’t see the symbols :wink: It’s cool though, I assume the event horizon is just an emitting plane w/ a procudral displacment texture?

The symbols on what? The DHD or Stargate. I included them in both, although it may be a little hard to see. The event horizon is a filled circle subdivided a few times, subdivision surfaced, and then a displacement map, a normal map are added with some Ray Mirror.

Anyway, I’m glad you like it! :slight_smile:

Well done Lando, I’m glad you finished.

IMHO some ambient occlusion would help, but as you mentioned you preferred it without.

Hope the next project will be coming soon.


Ps you have PM.

this isn’t an update, just for those who couldn’t see enough detail. If you look closely, you can now see the chevrons and more of the gate itself.


As you can now see, each glyph is modelled in carefully and accuratly. Thanks sonix, I did use AO on this render. and it produced and exellent ambience to the scene, without much noise.