Abyssus beta

This is beta version of the abyssus space game…

Q–move forward
Use mouse to fly control (sensivity and invert in menu)






Great textures and modeling, good coding, and a nice concept. Unfortunately the cursor moves off screen whenever I bank to the right, on my dual-screen setup that tabs out of the program whenever a fire, however that’s the only fatal flaw I can see.
Good demo.

sometimes I almost wish I had Windows…

Very nice, I love the bloom type effect on the planets :evilgrin:
You should put some screen shots up (unless you already have and my computer isn’t showing them)

yes, shots plz! I hate to ask, but I do only because my mac isn’t the biggest fans of .exe files and .dlls.

sometimes I almost wish I had Windows…

yes, shots plz! I hate to ask, but I do only because my mac isn’t the biggest fans of .exe files and .dlls.

There’s a python script you can use to extract the .blend from the .exe.
Do a quick search and something should pop up. :slight_smile:

Wow! Great demo. Looks like a commercial demo. Plays like a commercial demo. I look forward to seeing the completed game.

Great job mate :slight_smile:

Quality stuff.

Please post some screenshots because there are some people who either don’t want to, or can’t download files above, about 3mb. (Not me.) It’s just common courtesy. And you need to let us know exactly what your game is and what its about. Until I read the posts I had no idea what its purpose was. But it’s still a good game, keep it up. Are you the only person who worked on this, or are there others you should be giving some credit to?

Just noticed, you can see South America on one of your planets, which means you used an ocean map of the world. :smiley:

Oh I’m sorry you need a blend file but I made it in 2.41 version and need some externed files for mouse sensivity and invert… I’m going to upload blend file

What? :eek: So .exe aren’t safe after all? :spin: Jesus C… Don’t say that :P!

Thankyou for posting some screens. Whenever you first show us your game, give us some information about your game, some screens and a link. That’ll make people want to download your game, which will in turn make people play your game and give you feedback. You should try making some bots, keep us updated. :slight_smile: