AC Adapter (first model ever)

(cmwck) #1

This is my first blender model ever. Not really sure what to do from here. I don’t think I’ll make any more changes to this (I’m sick of looking at this AC adapter :slight_smile: ), but I’ll definitely apply any comments to future images.

(indigomonkey) #2

I don’t think people should be allowed to show things like that and say it’s their first model! I’m very impressed.

(Z-Axis) #3

You must have done 3D before, if this is your first work, because this is incredible for someone who is new (good for someone who isn’t ;)).
Anyway, crits: The colour of the adapter itself is a little bland, although the label is good. Try giving it a tiny bumpmap or something like that to make it seem more like the sort of plastic you would get on these.
Everything is very clean, if it existed in a house for a while it would get a little dusty and dirty, but I guess that is hard for a first work.
Anyway, well done.

(cmwck) #4

Well, I’ve been dinking around with blender for a while ; using other people’s models or the monkey head to play with lighting and materials, but this is the first object I actually modeled myself. Greybeard’s video tuts on subsurfs helped a ton.

Anyway, I applied a noise texture to the plastic material (but not to the edges ; those are very smooth compared to the faces) and mapped it to specularity, and that gave it a nice rough look using blender’s built in renderer, but when I used yafray in the final pics (skydome GI + an area light) it almost completely dissappeared. If you look really close you can see some speckles at the top of ac_adapter_down.jpg. Not sure how to bring out the roughness of the surface ; maybe the lighting is wrong? (I’ll try mapping it to nor as well).


(sundialsvc4) #5

Your … :o … first … :o … model?


Can’t wait to see the second one! You nailed it, friend!

(dragonzero) #6

jesus, my first model was