AC Cobra 289 / 427

Hi everyone. This is my first post. I thought I would share my progress on an ongoing project. I started a model some time ago in Cheetah3D. It was okay but the quality of the modeling wasn’t great. Therefore, I decided to revisit it using the superior Blender.

Original Cheetah3D render:

Issues I had with the original model were firstly some areas of detail are extremely high polygon. Secondly I wasn’t happy with the body shape. It is similar to a modern kit car variant of the Cobra rather than the original. the same is true of the wheels which have similar dimensions to Dax Cobras.

So I have started with a typical Goodyear Eagle clad 427 wheel as a leaning exercise. My untextured results are below:

Thanks for viewing. Progress will be slow as I don’t have much time but there will be updates :wink:

keep going and with time and practice you will get better and better :slight_smile: nice progress so far :slight_smile: