Ac cobra 427

Hello Ive been making a cobra, awesome car.

So far ive got the basic body nearly done

How is it and especially how’s my topology?

C&C welcome

nice topology. the best way to model cars is part by part here you made the body as a whole.

Attach it please!
My computer is blocking the host :stuck_out_tongue:
(I’m sure it’s good.)

@camotech: usually i do but this car actually is made of one piece in real life :wink:
@photoguy: ok i will do that when i get back on the computer (im on a psp atm)

Theres the pictures attached. No update progress though:o will soon.


Heres some progress… a render this time:yes: Sorry only small render… took supprisingly long.
What do you think?

Those screenshots are excellent!
I’m amazed at the smooth/clean look of the model.
Keep it up!

Looks very good, door and bonnet fits nicely. Can’t wait to see more.

Thanks for comments.

We have; windshield, roll bars and the grill on the side:yes: render time 26 minutes.


more progress

lights and exhaust, Thoughts?


and a bonnet lock::eyebrowlift:


it’s frackin beautiful! i’d love to model a nice car one day…

heck, i’ll go start a wip right now!

cheers, man!

small crit… you cant argue with a model made from plan references but i feel this car needs to have it’s windshield tilted backwards a sight more…maybe 10degrees…dunno…feel free to ignore that…

I love the way you are putting it together. Looks quite good!

This model is superb! Keep it up.

Looking really good. Great detail.

Very nice. Are you going to do the engine as well?

No i dont think i will do the engine… although maybe, ill see after i finish the rest;)

Now ive made the tire tread, next will be the rim


theres the wheels on the car, the wheels still need a bit of work yet though.
Also the whole car body will need to be lowered to look right.


Fishcake this is excellent. Are you going to finish it with Shelby stripes along the bonnet? Did you follow a tutorial for the tyres? The wheels look terrific. I’m trying to make a Lotus 7 and I’ll come to the wheels eventually, not sure how to make them yet.

Doubleyou, o, doubleyou. W.O.W…finish this one, surely will turn out to be amazing.