AC Cobra V8 help before I start

Hi guys, I have been thinking of making the old classic AC Cobra v8, and was just wondering if anyone had tips or maybe suggestions before I start? Im using the latest version of blender. Thinking of doing a high polly model, and if possible maybe ask someone to do Animation for me ( as I suck with it ). Will pay for the animation if need be, and ill keep you all updated on how my work progresses and add a few pictures here and there.

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Rather ask someone to rig it for you,animation is pretty simple if everything is rigged properly.

Get drawings, blue prints, dimensions. Depending on level of detail you plan to achieve, there can be a lot of parts. I’d do one section at a time - engine block, manifold, exhaust, carburetor, belt drive - i.e. pump, alternator - then there are the hoses, wires, distributor (thinking it is an old engine since it is a V8) - good luck. (I know very little about engines).

Do tutorials. Here’s a couple I found with the search “blender car modeling”:

Thanks for the tips guys. Ive modeled it like 5 times already, and every time I just make 1 mistake… lol… oh well, so we learn

be sure to check out the grid fill tool.