AC37: Mechanimal - AIBO

Here’s my attempt at an animation challenge. I know modelling/materials is not a prerequisite but since I have over 3 weeks, I hope to model and rig the AIBO + its a harder challenge this way :D. I don’t have any set plan for the animation itself for now.

Here’s what I have so far. Its the front of the body.

I added the rear. The connection in the middle looks very weird for now.

How do I get rid of the transparent back-facing edges in Edit Mode?
That should fix that. :stuck_out_tongue: And it’s looking pretty good so far :smiley:

Thanks. Here’s a small update. I stretched the body a little bit to fit the overall length of the toy.

I don’t have good references for the bottom. But from what I gather from the front view and side, I modelled the following details:

Looking good…wuts the actual goal? A dog like creature…or a slug? Its hard to tell! But, modeling looking great so far, keep it up man!

The AIBOis Sony’s Artificial Intelligent Robot toy that looks like a dog. Since the animation challenge is “Mechanimal”, I figured I could model and animate this toy.

ah, si si. Sry, didnt get the reference, alright, lookin good

This thing took a long time today; I have no clue why. I added the neck portion which rotates in perfect circle. Also added upper legs and started lower legs.