AC3D export problems

Hello folks,

I am a Blender noob who don’t know anything about the Python scripting.

For some reason the script cause some problems

The Hierarchy tree
The hierarchy tree looks different in AC3D than it was looking in Blender’s OutLiner window. The groups and objects are changing their places. Why?

The vertex “shifting”
If I export the Blenders default window cube to the AC3D format the result looks like this in AC3D file:

numvert 8
1 -1 -1
1 -1 1
-1 -1 1
-1 -1 -1
1 1 -0.999999
0.999999 1 1.000001

Even if I give an absolute ZXY-values (1,1,1) in Blender’s ‘Transformation Properties’ window, the problem stays.

How I can fix these very annoying problems?

Thanks for your help



I started to study python language and I’m reading the “Python for non-programmer tutorials” to learn very very basics first.

The target is some day to able to write or at least modify scripts for my own needs. Well, that day seems to be a long way ahead (sigh).

I would like to know if it is possible to have following function with Blender script?

Combine data from two different files to the third one

  • Take a first search parameter txt-string from the ‘source.txt’ file

  • Search the match from the ‘data.txt’ file
    if match, then read txt-string between > < marks including the enters

  • write the search parameter with findings to the target.txt file
    Search Parameter 1
    Findings line 1
    Findings line 2

  • read next search parameter from the source.txt file
    repeat until find some predefined ending string from source.txt file

I have been eyeballing the Blender scripts until me eyes drop out of my head but everything looks so confusing. I really don’t have clue.

Any help?