Academic “call for help…”


I’m not sure that it is appropriate for this forum so don’t take my head off :slight_smile:
I’m a PhD student involved in two academic “computer graphics” projects towards SIGGRAPH 2006 (one of the biggest conferences of computer graphics).

Plainly speaking, in order to help us “sell” our ideas, we need some cool data and animations.
More precisely, for one project we need 3D models with good looking textures of fruits and vegetables (and any other “very recognizable” and “simple” object that you can think of).

For the other project that involved “crowd simulations”, we need “human walking” animations for – walking, running, turning and any other day to day walking behaviors.

I can promise acknowledgment (by name or any other method) in the final paper and also no abuse of any kind of the material supplied.

If you are willing to help, please contact me at: [email protected]


Ran Gal

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